Fruitful Creativities inspires mums to teach their children fun Bible kids activities
while bringing creativity in their own Christian faith.

It’s a place for Christian mums raising Godly children,
teaching them to grow in Jesus – and be fruitful – through fun creativities.

At the same time, mums can bring creativity into their own Bible study too.

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Are You Truely Raising Godly Children?

If you’re a Christian mum, I’m sure there have been moments where you’ve wondered: ‘Am I really raising godly children? Or will my children most likely turn away from Jesus when they’re older?’ Truth be told, nobody (except God) really knows whether or not our children will remain faithful to Jesus. All we can do, […]

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Why Is Prayer Important as Christians?

A popular question amongst new Christians is: Why is prayer important? Especially since God knows everything anyway. At the start of this year, a sermon at our local church carried this title: ‘The Most Powerful Weapon: Payer’. As Christians, I’m pretty sure we all agree with this statement. Prayer is our number one communication with […]

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