3 Fun Animal Crafts for Noah’s Ark

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We’re on day 2 of our Noah’s ark crafts for toddlers. And today, we’ll be focusing on fun and easy animal crafts for toddlers! If you missed day 1, have a look at my blog post: ‘Super Easy Noah’s Ark Craft for Toddlers‘.

Once Noah finished the ark, God brought all the animals to the ark. Two of each unclean animal, and seven of each clean animal. Imagine the sight it must have been! Especially for all the people who believed Noah was crazy to build an ark. They didn’t believe a flood was coming since it never rained until then.

And yet God was preparing a flood. Noah, his wife, and his 3 sons (and their wives) were the only ones who’d be safe inside the boat. Together with numerous animals of all kinds.

So this day, we created just a few animals that entered into the boat: crocodiles, giraffes, and turtles. The turtles were actually a little ‘add-on’ as we just did some craft shopping and my daughter discovered this cute foam set. I’ll share all the details below, so if you wish, you can purchase one for your little one too.

Let’s get crafting!

Create 3 fun and easy animal crafts to fill your Noah's ark. Make a crocodile, giraffe, and turtle with your toddler in no time! #biblecraft #animalcraft #kidscraft #toddlercraft

1. Crocodile Pop-Sickle Craft


  • Green pop-sickle sticks
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Black marker pen

First, you’ll have to cut your green pipe cleaners in smaller pieces: 2 short ones for the legs and 1 longer piece for the body.

Take the pop-sickle stick and wrap a shorter pipe cleaner near the front of the stick. I just placed it with its middle against the stick and bend the ends around to the opposite side of the stick.

Next, you’ll completely wrap the longer pipe cleaner around the stick – just behind the front legs. The back legs are created in exactly the same way as the front legs.

One finishing touch remains. Simply, draw 2 eyes on the stick. You can also replace the marker pen with a pair of googly eyes.

2. Giraffe Pop-Sickle Craft


  • Yellow pop-sickle sticks
  • Giraffe drawing
  • Glue

Let your little one colour in the giraffe drawing, specifically the body and head. I used this black and white giraffe clip-art that’s free to download. I printed out one giraffe smaller than the other, which makes them look like a male and female giraffe.

Then simply cut out the head and body, and glue them in place on the pop-sickle sticks. That’s it! Easy peasy.

3. Foam Turtle Craft

Creating foam turtles with the Activity Bucket kit from Creatology. #turtlecraft #animalcraft #biblecraft #noahsark


  • Activity Bucket from Creatology
  • Glue

This turtle craft was actually added by accident. My little girl noticed this in our local craft shop and really wanted it. Since it seemed a great addition to our Noah’s ark craft, I decided to buy it. If you’re interested, you can find the Activity Bucket from Creatology here.

Putting the pieces together is really easy. You simple start with a turtle, add a large and small circle as its shell, and decorate with a star and googly eyes. Done!

Super easy! These animal crafts for Noah’s ark are really fun and simple to do for your toddler. Enjoy!

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