Basic Sun and Moon Craft for Toddlers – Day 4 of Creation

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And so we arrived at day 4 of our journey through God’s creation: a basic sun and moon craft for toddlers!

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My little girl really enjoyed this one. We were a bit busy throughout the day to go into this activity, but she had great fun being creative with her dad in the evening.

This sun and moon craft for toddlers is:

  • easy to do
  • doesn’t take too much time
  • and uses a range of materials to keep it interesting
This basic sun and moon craft for toddlers is a great and fun way to teach your child about the fourth day of the creation story. #creationcraft #toddlercraft #toddler #biblecraft #sunandmoon #craftideas

Day 4 – God Created the Sun, Moon, and Stars

‘And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also’ {Genesis 1:16 KJV}

Material for the Sun:

  • Yellow paper
  • Yellow pipe cleaners
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Small plate
  • Pencil

Because this is a toddler activity, you might have to start with cutting the shape of the sun out first. Unless they’re older, they probably won’t be able to do this one just yet.

To create a nice circle, you can use the small plate and pencil to draw a circle on the yellow paper. Then cut it out with the scissors.

Here, your toddler can take over again. Give them the yellow pipe cleaners and have them bend them in the middle(ish).

Cut off some sticky tape, and let your toddler stick the pipe cleaners at the back of the paper. When you’re satisfied with the amount of sunbeams, your sun is ready!

Material for the Moon and Stars:

  • Black paper
  • White paper
  • Grey paint and paintbrush
  • Glue
  • Small plate
  • White pencil
  • Star stickers

When creating the moon, you’ll start in the same way as the sun -> use the small plate and pencil to create a circle and cut it out.

Have your toddler glue it in the middle of the black paper. They can then add some accents to the moon with the grey paint.

Finish this little work of art with white pencil stars and/or star stickers. Our little girl wanted to do both. Obviously! 🙂

And with this sun and moon craft activity, day 4 of God’s creation was completed: ‘And It was good’.

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