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It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost that time of year again. Every year, I say this and I’ll say it again: Time flies! On one hand, that’s not bad because that means Jesus’ second coming is getting closer. On the other hand, I find that my little one is growing up way too fast.

Anyway, since December is almost at our doorstep, Pinterest is becoming flooded with nativity crafts for kids. And this easy paper angel craft for toddlers will fit right in!

paper angel craft, toddler hands making a paper angel

Angels in the Bible

There are many instances in the Bible where the angels of God are hard at work for the Lord.

We think about the times where the angel shut the lions’ mouths in Daniel 6:22, and an angel appeared to Paul during the storm (Acts 27:23).

The angel Gabriel came to Mary to announce she’d have a Son born from the Holy Spirit (Luke 1:26-35).

An angel also came to the shepherds to announce Jesus’ birth. Then the sky filled with singing angels (Luke 2:13).

Angels ministered to Jesus after His trial in the desert (Matthew 4:11). And angels told the women about His resurrection (Luke 24:4-7).

John recorded there are ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands of angels praising the Lamb in Revelation 5:11. And on that glorious day, Jesus will return with all His angels (Matthew 25:31)!

These are just a few verses of angels in the Bible. You can find many sightings of them in both the OT and NT.

Paper Angel Craft for Toddlers

Before you start your paper angel craft with your toddler, you may like to tell the story about how the angel announced to Mary she’d have a Son.

You can do this just in your own words, or with the aid of a Children’s Bible.


  • Angel drawing
  • Angel wings
  • Stamps
  • Golden ink
  • Colouring pencils
  • Star stickers


paper angel craft for toddlers with gold stamp wings and star stickers


Now your toddler can start creating. My daughter decided to start with colouring in the face of the angel. Then she discovered that using the stamps would be great fun. And it was!

We used golden ink, but you can use any colour you like, or have handy in your craft supply basket. I also gave her a round sponge stamp to make the ink dots, but she combined it with her finger tips. Either will do. 🙂

Because our angel still looked a little ’empty’ after this, I gave her some star stickers to decorate the angel’s clothes. The perfectionist in me wanted to go for just silver and gold stars (to match the wings, obviously), but my creative girl decided it needed some more colour. Way to go girl, great choice!

To finish this paper angel craft, simply glue the wings on the back of the angel. Add a little string of ribbon too and you’re able to hang the angel where you want it.

Our first nativity craft is now ready! Next week, we’ll be creating a simple stable painting that your little one will love.

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  • Donna Miller

    Awee I love angels! I paint them all the time also. What a sweet and do-able craft to do with the kiddos! I will tell my daughter about this post for my g-babies. Thanks Ann! ❤

    • Ann

      Oh, really? Those paintings must be amazing! Angels are incredible. So grateful to God that He sends them to help us out when in need!

  • Shanique |Rock Solid Faith

    This is such a cute Kids craft to help cement Bible stories about Angels in the Bible. Love your site, forwarding this to my sister for Bible craft activities for her toddler.

    • Ann

      Thank you, Shanique! I appreciate the comment and share very much. Happy to hear you like this angel craft. 🙂

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