Day 1 and 2 Creation Crafts for Toddlers

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Just a while ago, I decided it was time to teach my 3 year old girl more about the Bible through fun kids activities. So I thought: ‘What better way to start than at the beginning?’ And just like that, our toddler creation crafts began!

The creation story is a great way to start teaching your little one about God. Every day we’re surrounded by His nature, offering a daily reminder of His greatness.

This creativity is the first of our creation crafts for toddlers. It covers the very beginning of creation: day 1 and 2.

These very first verses of the Bible show just how great our God is. With just His voice He spoke things into existence! He said: ‘Let there be light’ and it was so.

What better way to teach your 2-3 year old about creation than through fun and easy creation crafts for toddlers? Let's start with day 1 and 2 of creation! #creationcrafts #toddlercrafts #kidscrafts #creationstory #bible #christiancrafts

Creation Crafts for Toddlers About Day 1 and 2

There are so many different crafts you can do for the creation story. Day 1 and 2 might be a bit more restricted than the other days, but there are still several options to choose from.

Here are a few creation craft ideas for the first 2 days of creation:

  • A paper plate painted black on one side and yellow/white on the other side.
  • A closed shoe box painted black inside, one looking hole, and one hole to allow for the light to come in. This last hole should be covered up, so that your toddler will first see only darkness. Then when you lift up the flap, the light comes in.
  • A black paper with a white pencil coloured circle.
  • Paper clouds covered in cotton balls and a ribbon to hang them up. Fill a large bowl with water and place this under the clouds.
  • Use white foam for the clouds and blue tissue paper for the water.

On Day 1 God Created Light

Instead of doing a craft activity for day one, I decided to make it more interactive.

I closed the curtains in her room and sat underneath the blankets with my daughter. Then I started the story: ‘In the beginning, there was only darkness. Then God said: Let there be light!’

At this stage, I grabbed the torch light and ‘created’ light. ‘The light was called day,’ I continued, ‘the darkness became known as night’ – and I turned the light back off.

I repeated it a few times as she enjoyed going from dark to light. Since this short activity, she’s been reminding me about God’s famous words ‘Let there be light’ as often as she can.


  • Thick blanket
  • Torch


  • Close the curtains so the room is dark enough


  • Crawl under the blanket with your child
  • Start telling them the story about the first day
  • Shine the torch light under the blanket with the words: ‘Let there be light’

On Day 2 God Created Water and Sky

Unlike day one’s activity, this second day, I did decide to do a toddler creation craft. It’s perfect for 2-3 year olds and great fun too!

We started with a blue paper on which I drew the horizon. My daughter then added some glue here and there, and stuck cotton balls in the sky. For the water, she glued bits of plastic cling wrap underneath the horizon.

Alternatives to the cling wrap could be, light blue tissue paper or shredded bits of paper. You could even add some blue glitters, if you’re keen. If you look carefully at the picture below, you’ll see a sneaky star got caught up in the waters. 😉

An easy, yet fun toddler creation craft!


  • Blue paper
  • Cotton balls
  • Cling wrap
  • Glue
  • Pen


  • Draw a blue line on the paper as a dividing line between sky and water


  • Let your toddler add some glue spots on the paper
  • Stick some cotton balls in the sky
  • Then stick some cling wrap in the water

That’s it!

Have fun making these easy creation crafts for toddlers! They’re a great introduction to the creation story for our younger children learning about God.

If you’d like to see more creation crafts for toddlers, have a look here:

What activities or crafts have you done before for day one and two of the creation story? I’d love to hear all about them in the comment section below!

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