21 Super Fun Creation Crafts for Preschoolers

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I think we can all agree on this: God’s creation is amazing to say the least! And… the creation story is probably the most popular story to tell your children.

Every day, we can see and enjoy mountains, the ocean, animals, birds, flowers, the sun, the moon… Everything is proof of His marvellous ways.

Day 1 of Creation Crafts for Preschoolers – God Created Light

Creating a craft or activity that teaches your preschooler about the first day of creation can seem a little challenging at first. However, there are a few fun and exciting activities available.

Let There Be Light – Activity

I’ve done 2 different versions of the same activity for day 1 of creation: one with my daughter and the other with my kindy class from church.

For the first version (1), you can use a thick blanket and torch. Explain to your little one the beginning of creation while crawling under the blanket. When you mention God created light, turn on the torch under the blanket.

My 3 year old loved this and I had to repeat it several times. Simple, yet effective.

The second option (2) is to use a black sheet. I folded the black sheet double and told the kids that there was only darkness first. Then I gave them little candle-shaped lights and placed them on top of the black sheet.

One of the little ones took her candle and placed it under the sheet which let the light through a bit. I thought this was brilliant!

This shows that it’s great to let children help out as well. You might get inspired for another activity! 🙂

God Created Light – A Toilet Roll Craft

If you prefer crafts over activities and games, you can let your preschooler paint the inside (and maybe outside) of a toilet roll (3) black. They might need a hand as it’s not that easy to paint. Alternatively, you can also cover it with black tissue paper.

Create a circular ‘flap’ to attach on one side of the roll with sticky tape. Let your child look through the other end with the flap closed. Then open the flap to let the light in.

Day 2 of Creation Crafts for Preschoolers – God Created Water

There are several fun creation crafts for preschoolers you can do on the second day. Let’s have a look at some ideas:

  • Paper clouds covered in cotton balls and a ribbon to hang them up. Fill a large bowl with water and place this under the clouds (4).
  • Use white foam for the clouds and blue tissue paper for the water (5)
  • Walk to a lake or beach and tell your child all about the day when God created water (6)

We made a super easy creation craft (7) a while ago. All you need is blue paper, cotton balls, cling wrap, and glue. Then your little one can glue the ‘clouds’ and ‘water’ onto the blue paper.

You can read all the instructions in my ‘Day 1 and 2 Creation Crafts for Toddlers‘.

Day 3 of Creation Crafts for Preschoolers – God Created Land

Really, the options for day 3 creation crafts are almost endless. You can create:

  • Paper cupcake trees (8)
  • Finger painted trees and flowers (9)
  • A collage of real leaves and grass (10)
  • A beautiful garden made with tissue paper and/or paint (11)

Toilet Roll Tree Craft

We created toilet roll trees (12) in our ‘Garden of Eden Crafts‘ which was great fun and pretty easy to make.

You’ll need: a toilet roll, strips of brown paper, green paper, red stamps or paint, scissors, and glue

Start with cutting a tree shape out of the green paper and make 2 small cuts in the top of the toilet rolls. This is where your green leaves will sit firm on the toilet roll.

Let your toddler or preschooler decorate the tree with ‘fruits’. They can do so by stamping them on or by using their painted finger tips. My daughter ended up doing both.

Then they can glue the strips of brown paper on top of the toilet rolls as bits of bark. Attach the leaves on top of the roll, and your toilet tree craft is complete!

Cupcake Liner Flower

In our creation craft, we focused on flowers made from paper cupcake liners (13). My daughter loved this so much that we repeated this craft for a similar idea on day 5 of creation.

What you need for this basic flower craft? Green paper, green marker pen, paper cupcake liners, glue, and glitter.

Let your little one glue the cupcake liners to the green paper with the pretty side up. Decorate the cupcake liners with glitter, and draw a stem with leaves.

That’s it! Easy, but great fun!

Day 4 of Creation Crafts for Preschoolers – God Created Sun, Moon, and Stars

We’ve now officially crossed the half-way mark in our creation crafts for preschoolers as we enter day 4.

Simple Sun Crafts

At this stage, my daughter and I have created 2 different sun crafts.

For the first option (14), you’ll need to cut out a circle from a yellow piece of paper.

Then you can have your toddler or preschooler attach yellow and/or orange pipe cleaners to the back of the circle with sticky tape. And the first sun craft is complete!

If you want to try the second option (15) for the sun craft, you’ll need the following items: paper plate, yellow and orange tissue paper, and glue.

Have your little one tear up the tissue paper in little pieces. They’ll love it for sure! Then cover the paper plate with glue and stick the tissue paper on top.

For a finishing touch, your child can also add some glitters on the top. Although as a parent, you might want to avoid glitter all together for obvious reasons! 😂

Moon and Star Craft

During day 4 of our creation craft, we created a moon and star craft (16) upon a black background.

Our 3 year old decorated a white circle with dark grey streaks of paint to represent the craters of the moon. Then she glued it on top of the black background.

She completed the craft with colourful star stickers.

Day 5 of Creation Crafts for Preschoolers – A Fun Fish Craft

As I mentioned in the day 3 creation craft, we made another craft with paper cupcake liners. This time, we created… fish (17)!

For this activity you’ll need: blue paper, paper cupcake liners and matching coloured paper, googly eyes, glue, scissors, any other decoration you’d like to use.

Glue the paper cupcake liners to the blue paper. Cut out triangular tails and mouths from the coloured paper, and glue them into place. Add googly eyes and all the other decorations.

That’s it! Your fun fish craft for day 5 of creation is completed.

Day 6 of Creation Crafts for Preschoolers – God Created Land Animals and Man

If you’d like to add a more ‘relaxing’ day (for you!) in your creation crafts for preschoolers, a simple colouring page (18) can be a great idea! Let your child experiment with pencils, markers, crayons, paint, tissue paper,… Oh wait! I said ‘relaxing’. Maybe paint might be a bad idea. 😁

Looking for a great colouring page? You can download my creation colouring page for free right here!

Still prefer an actual craft? No worries! Have look at some of the animal crafts we did for Noah’s Ark (19). You’ll find 3 different animals your preschooler can make.

Day 7 of Creation Crafts for Preschoolers – Remember the Sabbath Day

Oh, day 7 of creation can be a bit tricky, but is it really? God rested on the seventh day which He blessed and hallowed. Take your preschoolers outside in nature (20) and tell them all about the beautiful things He made.

See if they still remember when God created what. Ask the question: ‘What day of the week did God create the flowers, birds, sun, grass, sand, water, light…?’ It’s a great way to help them remember the creation story by just living.

Alternatively, you can repeat all the previous days by making a sensory box (21). We did this activity twice – once at home and once at our local kindy Sabbath School – but the principle is very similar.

You start with a box – plastic or cardboard – and slowly let your little one add the items into the box. Repeat all the days and explain again what God exactly made. Of course, don’t forget the mention the Sabbath day!

And… that’s a wrap! These are my top 21 creation crafts for preschoolers. Don’t forget to download my FREE colouring page!

Which one’s your favourite?

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