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The year has ended and you’ve probably already noticed an increase in posts about setting goals for the new year. Although I won’t go into setting goals specifically, I do believe the start of a new year is the perfect time to recommit to studying the Bible.

That’s why I’ve developed a Bible study journal that works great for those mums who are busy chasing their little ones.

This FREE Bible Study Journal is available right now through my 7 Day Bible Study Email Challenge. Simply subscribe at the bottom of this post and you’ll start receiving all the instructions and journal pages straight away. Plus… there’s an extra bonus as well.

But let’s first have a look at why you should recommit to studying the Bible.

Start the New Year Right and Recommit to Studying the Bible

We all know life can get in the way, or rather, the devil will get in your way from studying the Bible and connecting with Jesus. The less you know, the better for him. And unfortunately, many Christian mums have to admit having neglected their Bible study.

Let’s change this and make studying the Bible one of your primary goals for the new year. Why? Because Jesus deserves it!

Plus, we are told to study so we may know the truth {2 Timothy 2:15} and not be deceived by false prophets {1 John 4:1}.

There are quite a few different Bible study methods you can commit to. Some examples include:

  • SOAP method
  • Scripture writing
  • Bible journaling

6 Reasons to Download My FREE Bible Study Journal

I just designed a free Bible study journal, so we can all get started to reconnect with Jesus in the new year! Let’s have a look at why this Bible study journal can help you.

1. Set Goals With the Study List

My free journal comes with an easy study list to write down the Bible verses, or Bible study themes, you would like to delve into this new year.

I prefer to select Bible themes first and then search for fitting chapters or verses that will teach me about this theme. For example: If I’d like to learn more about the End Time Signs (my theme), I could focus on key verses of Matthew 24 (the detail).

The study list will allow you to just dot down all things that come to your mind, one after the other. Don’t have enough space on the list (because your ideas just keep coming)? No worries! Simply print out that page again and you can add it to your journal. Easy!

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2. Write Down Your Themes in the Monthly Bible Study Planner

Once you have all your ideas and possible themes written down, you can select your favourite ones to start studying in the next few months. If you have a long list, you might not be able to touch all the themes this year, but that’s okay. Just focus on the ones that matter for now, and you can re-use the others for next year.

This study journal comes with a (one page) Bible study planner. Simply fill out the month and the theme you want to study, and your study planner is ready.

Best of all, this planner is completely blank. This means that you can fill out your own month and theme, so you can start using the journal at any time during the year. There’s no need to start from January. If you stumble unto my post later in the year, feel free to still reconnect with your Bible study right now! You can!

3. The Bible Study Journal Allows for Busy Days

The next part of my Bible study journal (did I mention yet it’s free?), will get you straight into studying. What I think is great about this study journal? The fact that you’ll be studying an entire verse (or section) in one week.

That’s right! You’ll have an entire week to study your chosen verse in more depth. This is perfect for the busy mum! There’s no pressure to finish the verse in one sitting. So just relax and do what you can.

Although the journal has a weekly setup, it’s created in such a way that allows for 2 free days in your week. What do I mean with this? Well, a week has 7 days (surprise, surprise), but this journal includes 5 days to study. So it allows for 2 busy days wherein you just can’t get commit to studying, don’t worry… you can still finish your week in time.

4. Study With an ‘Ask Questions’ Bible Study Method

The Bible study method I focused on, is to simply ask questions. This Bible study journal comes with its own set study questions, but there is an extra page for you to add additional questions you’d like to use.

Depending on the day of the week, you’ll have 3 to 4 questions to answer, or actions to take (such as writing a prayer).

The questions will help you to give you a fresh look on your chosen Bible verse(s) and dig deeper into the Word of God.

5. 160+ Bible Study Theme Ideas

Ran out of theme ideas to study? No worries!

I’ve provided more than 160 Bible study themes for you to choose from. I’m sure you won’t be able to cover all of these in one year! Or can you?

6. Use My Helpful Bible Study Resources

At the end of the document, you’ll also find some helpful Bible study resources. These can help you discover the answers to some of the questions which will save you time. Isn’t that what every busy mums wants?

There, these are the 6 reasons why this FREE Bible study journal is perfect for busy mums to download. But wait! There’s one more extra reason for you to download it right now.

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7. BONUS – Gain Access to My VIP’s Resource Library

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For 7 days, you’ll receive tips, tricks, and information on how to use your Bible Study Journal effectively. Best of all, you’ll gain access to my brand new VIP’s Resource Library. This library is only accessible for my subscribers and is updated monthly with new printables for you to use. All for FREE!

Don’t like what you’ve received? No worries! Simply unsubscribe at any time. No hard feelings! 🙂

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