It’s Unwise for Mums to Skip Morning Prayer

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Do you recognise the following? Every morning, you experience the same hectic, chaotic, and tantrum-filled routine that absolutely robs you of your time for morning prayer.

I know I certainly recognise this, and I only have 1 kid!

Our Sunday morning started a little hectic too. But then again, which morning doesn’t? Since becoming a mum almost 3 years ago, every morning is busy – to say the least.

In all honesty, our morning routine could use some adjustments. Our routine just kinda happened really, without giving it much thought at all.

Generally, our toddler gets up before us – this really needs to change! She gets up and walks straight to my side of the bed. I don’t know if this is because I’m just sleeping the closest to the door, or if it’s because I’m the mummy. Either way, she wakes me up first.

She climbs up on the bed, rolls on top of me, and plants herself in the middle of our bed. Sometimes, she gives me a cuddle and a kiss. Other times, she’s pretty much kicking me out of the bed.

Once we’re up, we get straight into the kitchen to fill this little girl’s ‘starving’ tummy. Oh, and the cats’ tummies too, of course. After breakie, it’s time to get dressed and ready for the day.

Nothing unusual, I guess. So what should change?

Being a mum can be incredibly hectic, especially in the mornings. Yet, it's very important to take time for a morning prayer with Jesus and God. #morningprayer #prayer #prayertips

Adjusting Your Routine

I really, really need to get out of the bed before our cheeky monkey beats me to it, and start my day with prayer.

Theoretically, this really isn’t that difficult. I just have to set my alarm at about 5am, get dressed, sit myself down to pray and communicate with my Father in heaven.

Oh, but how weak is my flesh! My body just wants to turn around again and sleep in. ‘Sleep in’… I can’t even remember the last time I slept in.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is so weak. How beautifully are Jesus’ words to us? He even places them in a similar context!

Jesus says:

‘Watch and PRAY, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak’ {Matt. 26:41 – KJV}.

Jesus knows! He knows that if we don’t pray, we’re in danger!

The flesh is weak…

By the time our daughter finds herself in dreamland, it’s close to 8.30pm. It’s a time when I unwind, grab my Bible, or read one of the many EGW books. Before I know it, it’s way past my bedtime. And this morning routine repeats itself all over again.

What Exactly Is a Morning Prayer

Now, when I say ‘morning prayer’, I don’t mean a quick one minute ‘Thank You, God for all your blessings’.

No, I’m talking about a sincere time apart to communicate, praise, and worship God. A time to come closer to Jesus. A time to humbly thank Him for His sacrifice. A time to know Him better, so I can reflect His goodness and others may get to know Him too.

A time to look at myself and repent for all the moments I failed to keep His commandments.

For all the times I chose the world instead of Him.

For all the times I failed to be the mother and wife He wants me to be.

For all the times I failed to be courageous and answer His call.

For all the times I failed Him.

A time to thank Him for all He’s given me. To thank Him for His Word and for His truth.

To thank Him for saving me from the New Age and Occultism that almost swallowed me into the darkness forever.

To thank Him for my husband and our miracle He kept us waiting for (she was more than worth the wait!).

To thank Him for all the difficult, yet necessary lessons to grow closer to Him.

To thank Him for giving His life, so that I may live!

Such a prayer needs a lot more than 1 minute of our time! Our Father and Jesus are worthy of every single second. Yet, how much time do we actually spent with Them? I don’t think it’s nearly enough.

The funny thing is that worldly matters, even though they may be important, can take over all our time. And before we know it, the day has gone and we realise Jesus is still waiting for us.

Waiting for our time with Him. Time that belongs to Him only.

Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak - Matthew 26:41 #scripture #verse

The Danger of Skipping Your Morning Prayer

The problem is though, that I’ve discovered a real danger in skipping my morning prayer (yep, although I must have read Jesus’ words a dozen times, I had to experience it myself to really understand).

The danger of this all? Not spending enough time… No, let me correct myself… Not spending the first moments of every day with Him, opens the door to our greatest enemy: Satan.

And before you know it… everybody is on edge.

Everybody’s walking on egg shells because the other person is hurt by something that came out of our mouths. Things that shouldn’t have been said in the first place. Things we didn’t even mean.

But there they are. Out in the world and we can’t take them back. We can apologise for saying them. But we can’t take them back.

In mornings without a morning prayer, our toddler can have the most amazing tantrums. Screaming, crying, hitting, kicking.

Those mornings, I have the most terrible thoughts running through my mind: I’m not good enough, I’m a terrible mother, she deserves a better mum, and even… I should be dead.

Then suddenly, almost as if God sent one of His angels to snatch me out of it, I realise: I forgot to pray!

I forgot to connect with the one and only true God of grace, love, and truth. Chaos and confusion aren’t from God. God doesn’t do chaos at all {1 Cor 14:33}. Satan does. He loves it and he loves keeping us busy, and tired, so that we forget about prayer.

And that, my beautiful sister, is the danger of skipping your morning prayer. It leaves the door open to Satan, to expressed words we don’t mean, to tantrums, to chaos and confusion.

Don’t open the door for the enemy. Open it for Him who stands at the door and knocks {Rev 3:20}, patiently waiting for you to open it!

P.S. Ideally, we should take an example from Daniel and pray three times a day: morning, noon, and evening. No matter what!

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  • Darnita

    It’s so important to stay connected with the Lord even when we have a busy schedule. So you are so right we can not miss prayer in the mornings. When our flesh is weak we can not be strong for our families. Thank you for posting.

    • Ann

      That’s right! Morning prayer does make us stronger. 🙂 Thank you for visiting, Darnita.

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