4 Ways to Memorise Bible Verses Quickly

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As a Christian you’ve probably heard before that it’s important to memorise Bible verses. Especially since we’re living in the end times. So many prophecies have already been fulfilled and are fulfilling in front of our eyes right now!

I’ve discovered so many details about the Bible since memorising Scripture that I wouldn’t have known if I just read them. Memorising them gives a whole new dimension to the Word of God.

I’ve tried all the following methods myself. Sometimes I focus on just one of them, other times I’ll have a mix of different methods.

Try them all and see which memorising method works best for you.

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Why Is It Important to Memorise Bible Verses?

Now, why is it recommended to memorise Bible verses? Why is it not enough to just read and study your Bible?

Memorising Bible verses allows you to:

  1. always carry Scripture with you
  2. remind yourself of God’s Word in any situation
  3. proclaim to the devil ‘It is written…’
  4. prevent yourself from being deceived by false prophets
  5. easily recognise the signs of the end times

This is just a quick and short list of the many benefits. Make sure to memorise as many verses as you can.

After all, the devil loves to mix error within the truth. And usually, he’ll change only details. Details, but they can be super important for our salvation when changed. Details, that will only be revealed when you start memorising.

We need to know our Bible by heart!

1. Memorise Bible Verses by Writing Them Down

A method I tried, was to write down the verses I wanted to remember. Writing them down, or typing them on your computer, will help them to ‘stick’.

I’m more of a handwriting girl when it comes to memorising, but I don’t think it really matters. I guess you could trial both and see what happens for you.

When it comes to longer verses, you can start with ‘cutting’ them into smaller sections. Then you’ll write each section several times before moving to the next one.

You can also organising them according to their topic. For example, verses about prophecy go together, verses about the 2nd coming go together, etc. This will help with the memorising process as well.

2. Use an App to Memorise Scripture

One problem I found with writing them down, was that I’d forget the older verses I memorised. That’s when I decided to look for an app I could use.

The app I found great to not only memorise, but also repeat older verses in regular intervals is called ‘Remember Me‘.

First, you’ll have to add your verses to the app. Then you can choose between 4 different memorising techniques, or just use them all. I figured the more practice, the better.

Let me quickly go over the different techniques.

The first exercise slowly blurs out several words here and there. So you’ll read the verses aloud without covering the words to start with. Whenever you’re ready you let the app cover some of the words until they’re all covered.

The second one scrambles all the words around and you have to place them in order. A third option only reveals the first letter of each word. This allows you to say the verse allowed based on these letters. The last exercise reverses this and you’ll have to type the first letter of each word.

The great benefit of this app is that it also sets up a daily reminder according to the level your verse is at. For example, if you’re learning a new verse, you’ll be repeating this every day until you hit the next level. Then you’ll repeat this verse every other day and so on.

Personally, I find this my biggest stumbling block. The repetitions. If you don’t repeat your memorised verses frequently enough, you’ll discover that you don’t know them as well anymore as you thought.

Repetition really is key to keep those verse memorised and ready to use.

3. Memorise Bible Verses by Speaking Aloud

This method works best for me. Whether I speak aloud or in a whisper, both do the trick for me.

This is actually how I’ve started memorising the book of Revelation. I repeat each verse at least 10 times, 20 times is even better.

If your new verse is part of a complete section or chapter, try to repeat the other verses as well. It’s a great opportunity to keep them fresh in your mind.

One problem I bumped into with doing this method, was ‘falling asleep’ and ‘dozing off’.

Because I have memorise while my toddler’s asleep, either at night or early morning, I tend to be quite tired myself. And what better way does Satan have to distract you from memorising the Word?

So I started praying to help me better memorise and stay focused. The solution? Walking around the house while memorising!

This does an incredible job! I hold the Bible in my hand while repeating the verse over and over. Once I know it, I put my Bible aside and continue saying it aloud until I’ve reached my 20 times.

I keep repeating this until I’ve committed the desired verses to mind.

4. Get Creative While You Memorise Bible Verses

I don’t know about you, but I like to be a little creative. Although I don’t necessarily have time to do so.

To really study my Bible, I need to make notes in the margins and use Bible highlighters. Each colour has a different meaning.

As soon as I find new information, I’ll add it to my Bible margin. Some sections have really become jam-packed with notes. Especially the book of Revelation and Daniel.

Aside from just making notes and highlights, you can get really creative and start Bible journaling. While you journal, you can repeat the verse several times until it’s committed to your memory.

One last tip I would like to share with you… Before you start memorising your verses, make sure to pray first. God will help you to focus and give you the ability to memorise them quickly and correctly.

There you go, my 4 ways of memorising Bible verses quickly.

Do you have a favourite way to memorise Scripture? Feel free to share in the comment section below as I always like to learn new ways myself.

This post was first published on 26 June 2019, updated on 10 December 2019.

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  • Donna Miller

    Ann, I love memorizing God’s Word so I can own it and speak it up from my heart more than the page. Thank you for this beautiful and practical help. I agree it is very important to do this. ❤

    • Ann

      Yes! I love how you phrased this: ‘so I can own it’. Let’s all OWN the Word of God by memorising it! Thank you very much for your comment. 🙂

  • AnnMarie

    What a great resource to memorize bible verses! I want to try out the app even though I memorize by writing out what I want to memorize and then repeating it over and over each day. I “test” myself to see how far I can get, and if I get stuck, i try to come up with a creative way to remember the word I get stuck on 🙂 However we do it, it is so important to have scripture ready to go in our minds and on our hearts! Great post!

    • Ann

      Thank you, AnnMarie! I love the app. I use it in combination of just speaking the verse aloud for at least 20 times. Sometimes I’ll do the app’s exercises, but mostly I’ll just end up putting the verse in for the app to remind me of it in regular intervals. It works great for me! I love that you come up with a creative way to remember the words! I must try that. Thank you for sharing your own tip. 😉

  • LeeAnn Fox

    Thank you so much for sharing this! Very helpful!

    • Ann

      You’re very welcome! 🙂

  • Fleda Bennie

    Love this post and had never heard of that app. I memorize, remember for a little while, and then forget so the app would be great. Also, I remember better by out-loud repetition and writing things out. Wonderful tips. Thankyou.

    • Ann

      That sounds a lot like me! I too need to say them aloud, or at least in a louder whisper, and again and again. The app is great to help you remember the older verses. And it’s free! An extra bonus. 😀

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